24 heures du Maestricht

Countdown naar "24 Heures du Maestricht"

Saturday September 22th, the second time City Sim Racing will organize “24 heures du Maestricht”. The event takes place at Chalet Bergrust in Maastricht (Luikerweg 71).

This year we have two main events. Both are open for public. So come and have a look!

At 13.30h 6 sim racers will compete against each other for the title “Best Sim Racer 24h du Maestricht 2018”.  The 6 racers qualified themselves in the spectacular online race organized by SRVN.nl on August 23th.

The second main event starts at 19.00h. Business teams from the Netherlands and Belgium will race each other in a 4-hour endurance race. Many strategic decisions like pilot changes and pitstops have to be taken. Eventually the team with the best strategy and racers will win!

Race comments and pit reports from the drivers will be provided by Sim Race Union Netherlands. Visitors can follow the race live and on screens. Those not able to attend can view the races live stream on the youtube channel from Sim Race Union Netherlands. https://www.youtube.com/user/SimRaceVerenigingNed

See you September 22th!

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